Welcome to “From the Studio” 2017!

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Greetings and welcome back to From the Studio!

In 2017 the AVS is partnering with five exciting viola studios from around the country. We will be working with Helen Callus and Northwestern University, Elias Goldstein and Louisiana State University, Andrea Priester Houde and Western Virginia University, Ames Asbell and Texas State University, and Martha Carapetyan and the Austin Viola Workshop, which is a pre-college level community program.
I am excited for you to meet and interact with each of these amazing teachers and their students. I know they will motivate and inspire you to seek new ways to teach, and more expressive ways to play. Perhaps they’ll offer a solution to a problem you’ve been working on, or delve into repertoire that intrigues you. Maybe you’ll connect to the life-story of a featured student. One thing is for sure, between now and May, we’ll be creating community, getting to know these great studios, and learning together.

To go directly to the collected posts of one studio, follow these links:

Northwestern University

Texas State University

West Virginia University

Louisiana State University

Austin Viola Workshop

Here’s to another wonderful semester “From the Studio.”

Happy new year!

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