PRISMA offers a unique program that bridges the education and training received at a university or conservatory and the professional life as an orchestral musician. The comprehensive program assists advanced students and young professionals in obtaining a position in a professional orchestra.

The program includes:

Orchestral rehearsals
Master classes
Private lessons
Audition Training
Orchestral Rehearsals

The Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra rehearses daily. Repertoire is chosen to provide players with a broad experience in orchestral playing, musical interpretation and different styles.


The Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra will prepare two full concert programs during PRISMA. Concerts will be performed in the Evergreen Theatre to an enthusiastic, sophisticated audience. The guest artists will perform a variety of chamber music concerts in which students occasionally participate. In addition there will be performances by student ensembles.

Master Classes

PRISMA students will further develop their skills in Master Classes with the guest artists. During the master classes students have the opportunity to play for and listen to colleagues under dedicated guidance.


Students take part in sectional rehearsals lead by the guest artists or by the music director. Solutions will be discussed for specific challenging sections of orchestral repertoire.

Private Lessons

During the private lessons, students will work on selected repertoire, concertos and orchestral excerpts. Guest artists will address the specific needs of individual students to improve their skills and techniques. Students prepare 3-5 excerpts from a list of audition requirements for solo and tutti jobs in major orchestras worldwide.


Forums will be held in which students can ask questions of faculty about auditioning, playing in an orchestra, the differences between orchestras in America, Europe and Asia and their mode of operation plus all aspects of the professional life of an orchestral player.

Audition Training

Preparation for a successful audition is a very important aspect of the PRISMA program. During PRISMA students will take part in four auditions. At the beginning of each week there will be auditions for placement in the orchestra. At the end of each week, students will take part in ‘live auditions’ to improve their skills and gain more experience. The guest artists, consisting of musicians who have principal positions in world-renowned orchestras, will train students to become more comfortable with the process of auditioning. Students will play a first and second round of a ‘live audition’ and also have an opportunity to sit on the jury panel. During the first week the audition will be behind a screen, like a ‘first round’ and in the second week the audition will be open, like a ‘second round’. All private lessons, master classes and forums will help students prepare for these auditions. The experience will be far more important than the specific result of the audition. Being a member of the jury will give students the opportunity to experience “the other side” which will improve their own presentation/performance in an audition.

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