Introducing Caterina Longhi!


What’s your name?

My name is Caterina Longhi but I prefer to be called Catie. My dad’s Italian so my name is Catherine in Italian.

Where are you from?

I grew up my entire life in Lake Carmel, New York, about an hour north of Manhattan.

How did you come to the viola?

I started on violin and switched to viola in 8th grade. I initially learned how to play viola just by reading down a third and pretending I was holding a violin, but I fell in love with the sound and learned how to read alto cleff properly not long after!

Are you a Juilliard student?  Were you?  Or do you now work as part of the studio?

I’m a graduating senior this year! I also work this year with the studio doing things to make it run smoothly!

Tell us about one of your favorite performances?

My most recent favorite performance that I attended was Ralph Kirsbaum playing Rachmaninoff”s Vocalise. He entranced with audience with his sound- it was incredible! It was so human and heartfelt I couldn’t look away.

If you could perform any viola piece, what would it be?

There’s still so much amazing viola rep that I love and haven’t played yet! But I would love to perform the lento assai of Beethoven string quartet op.135. That has to be the most beautiful movement of music ever.

If you could play any non-viola piece, what would it be?

Third movement of Rachmoninoff Cello Sonata in g minor. Without a doubt.

Do you have any secret skills?

I will probably beat you in a watermelon eating contest.

You are forced by the United States Government to not practice for a day.  What do you do with yourself?

Cook, eat, read a book and hang out with friends.

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