Introducing Halam Kim!

What’s your name?

Halam Kim

Where are you from? 

I was born in Korea and came to the States when I was in 5th grade in the year of 2005. When I first came to New Jersey, my biggest challenge was to learn English and be able to catch up with school work. Hanging out with school friends, I was able to learn quickly. In 2007, I moved to Port Washington, NY, and I currently in PW.

How did start playing the viola? 

Even though I played the violin all my life, I started playing the viola about a year ago. I have always loved the lower strings on the violin. When I heard the C string on viola, I fell in love. Listening to viola recordings is personally very soothing and peaceful. I love the sound and I am so glad I switched. I still have a long way to go, adjusting to viola, but it is definitely worth it.

How long have you been in the studio?

I came to the studio in September 2012.

Tell us about one of your favorite performances? 

I do not have many performance experiences as a violist yet. However as a violinist, my favorite performance was when I played Zigeunerweisen by Sarasate. It was my mother’s favorite piece, and she cried after my performance. I will never forget that memorable experience.

If you could perform any viola piece, what would it be? 

I want to perform Brahms Sonata in E flat major. I heard a friend play this piece at a studio class, and I immediately fell in love. As it has 6 flats in the second movement, it may be difficult in terms of intonation. However, musically, it is very beautiful, and I can see myself enjoying this piece very much.

If you could play any non-viola piece, what would it be? 

If I could play any non-viola piece, it would be a piano piece, Chopin Mazurka No. 4 in a minor. It is absolutely gorgeous and makes me feel at peace, and I love the intensity at some parts. I love different rhythmic feelings as well.

You are forced by the United States Government to not practice, and have no school or homework for a day. What do you do with yourself?

If I were forced to not practice and have no school or homework for a day, I would find myself listening to classical music such as Bach in the morning and have morning coffee. Then, later in the afternoon, I would find myself listening to upbeat music and dancing to it.

Do you have any secret skills?

My secret skill is dancing. It is my favorite hobby, and I forget about any stress I have while I am dancing.

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