Zimbalist Tango by Molly Carr

The following post is by Molly Carr.

What you will find here is what I call my personal “skeleton” of Zimbalist’s Tango. That is to say, what I have written down in this document is a record of all of the technical directives which I have spent hours in the practice room slowly ingraining into both my mind and body (muscle memory) – until every motion and thought has become habitual. However, since performing a piece EXACTLY the same way every time one plays it is never the goal for any musician, this state of ‘habit’ is meant ONLY to be a stable foundation upon which one can fall back upon during any performance for physical comfort and ease along with technical confidence and consistency. Please note that it is the conscious, purposeful, and delightful(!) deviations FROM this foundation which can make a performance come alive and breathe. The purpose of developing a safety net of a solid “game plan” is merely to help lend the confidence needed to take those risky deviations in performance and ultimately to enjoy creating a version of the piece which is unique to each performer.

I gladly offer whatever of these technical directives that any reader would like to take in and make his or her own, but I also challenge readers to take the time in the practice room to create their own personal, unique skeletons – as each violist is built differently on so many different levels (physically, mentally, musically…).

What follows are the individual pages from the PDF, which is available here: Zimbalist Tango Breakdown

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