Janice LaMarre on Recording Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata

The following post is by Janice LaMarre.

In preparing the Schubert Arpeggione Sonata for a CD recording and recital in Weill Hall, I have enjoyed the long preparation process.  I have played the piece for sixteen years, on and off, in recitals, master classes, and informal recordings.  Through continuing to polish it until the recording sessions and recital were completed, I was able to gain an even deeper understanding of the piece and how to refine my playing of it.  In-depth rehearsals with ACHT pianist, Yi-Fang Huang, helped in pushing this work forward, through giving us the opportunity to try many different ideas together in order to find one that convinced us both.  The recording process was incredibly exciting, and I wanted to share with you my own experience of learning this great work with you.  Although the performance and recording sessions are over, the adventure will never be finished; a piece like this will always have more nuance and meaning to discover.  However, I was able to reach a point in which I felt ready and confident to share my interpretation.  Here is an outline of the methods I used in reaching this point.  It’s my hope that even just one aspect of the outline might be interesting to you, despite the different ways in which we all work.


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