Good Night and Good Luck

Heidi Castleman writes:

With this “thank you” post, we are concluding the first year of the AVS Pedagoy Blog.

Thank you to the AVS for inviting our studio to be the first Pedagogy Blog host.

Thank you to Ed Klorman for, not only being the match maker who brought the AVS and the ACHT Studio together, but also for serving as our indefatiguable musical and entrepreneurial guide.

Thank you to Adam Paul Cordle for facilitating our online presence.

Thank you to my teaching colleagues, Misha, Hsin-Yun, Steve and Yi-Fang for making it a joy to collaborate.

Thank you to all the students whose heartfelt and sincere musical journeys inspire all of us.

Thank you to so many amazing alumni who have contributed their expertise generously to the studio and to the blog,

Thank you to our esteemed guest bloggers, Jutta Puchhammer, Kathryn Schmidt Steely, David Creswell and Steven Frucht, M.D.

And, SPECIAL THANKS to my amazing friends and fellow violists, Molly Carr and Gabe Taubman, who EVERY single day diligently devoted themselves to making sure that the post for the next day was in good order. I have learned so much from this journey and will treasure the experience and the materials produced for years to come.

Finally, the ACHT Studio thanks all of you readers for the privilege of serving the viola community through the publishing of the first year of the AVS Pedagogy Blog, “From the Studio”.

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