Heidi Castleman on Body Balance


* The universe is dynamic.     (cf. Static = dead)

* Balance is everything.

* Flexible but not limp.

* Rhythm is the way musical energy moves


I. Skeleton

Using the ground as support, stack the following in a column above the arches, relaxing all joints: ankles, knees, hips, rib cage, shoulders, head.

Collarbone and shoulder blades are movable (across rib cage); therefore, arms hang.

An aligned, balanced posture is easier for some body types than for others. Physical fitness always helps. Finding a good stance is as important as finding an instrument that fits you and is responsive. Consider spacing of feet. (Possibly compare to playing kneeling sitting on heels.)


II. Breathing

Good posture/ Relax abdomen

Inhale through nose/Diaphragm expands (rolls down), filling lungs

Fill lungs to full capacity/ Notice how collarbone shelf opens, neck relaxes and head joint is released/ Filling left lung is particularly important.


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