Inspiring Yourself

by Daniel Wang

When studying the viola in school, it is easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out. How do you juggle trying to learn music for multiple summer festivals, rep class, recitals, orchestra, chamber music, and multiple professional auditions all at the same time? There’s so much that each individual wants to accomplish and learn while they are in school, but expectations will usually fall short because there is too much to learn and too little time. Compounded with additional stress that inevitably comes from classes or social situations, and it is easy to fall into despair!

When life gets you down, that means that it is time to pick yourself up and inspire yourself! Being inspired has many benefits to the violist. It can remind you why you love music. It can increase your efficiency in the practice room. It can make you more convincing on stage. It can help you play with more understanding, creativity, focus, and passion. It will help you deal with the stress of being in school. Being inspired makes you a better violist.

There are so many ways to inspire yourself, but it can be a challenge to do when you are busy at school all day long. Here are some super easy ways to inspire yourself while you are busy at school:

1) YouTube—easily accessible from any smart-phone or computer, if you try, you can find something on YouTube that will inspire you. For a start, look at videos of your favorite artists and orchestras;

2) Listening to your favorite music and all types of music;

3) Looking out a window or taking a walk. Breathing fresh air. Enjoying nature’

4) Reading books’

5) Social activities—chilling with friends over lunch, coffee, bubble tea, or beer and having conversations with them can be inspiring. What you learn in classes, lessons, coachings, and orchestra can inspire you.

Good luck!

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