NTSO Music Festival

by Rebecca Lo

I had a wonderful time and experience when I attended the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Festival in Taiwan over the summer of 2013. The NTSO Festival is a two week orchestra training camp. Students had opportunities for private lessons, orchestral and wind band training, as well as participating in public master classes during the camp. The faculties are renowned musicians from the NTSO and different orchestras from all over the world. The faculty members from the US whom we may know include Mr. Cho-Liang Lin from Rice University and Juilliard school; David Chan, the concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and faculty at Juilliard school; Brian Chen, viola professor at USC; and Ben Hong, assistant principal cellist of the LA Philharmonic.

The location of the camp was in Wu-Fong, the suburb of Taichung City, my hometown. The transportation system is convenient in Taiwan, so that it usually takes only around 30 minutes by bus to get into the center of the city. We stayed at a 3-star musical-themed hotel attached to the NTSO concert/rehearsal hall. This is a government-funded festival, so it only cost around $330 USD, covering the tuition, hotel stays, daily meals, and all other transportation and fees.

When we first arrived, we were required to do an orchestra seating placement audition. The two-week intense orchestra training was to prepare for our tours around Taiwan. We gave three concerts in three different cities, including a performance at the National Concert Hall in Taipei City. All of the faculty were with us during every orchestra rehearsal. They would stand by us and coach us at any time during the rehearsal. This is one of the most unique experiences that make it different from other summer festivals.

0319a massage chairs

There are massage chairs on every floor in the hotel; what we musicians need the most!

0319b musical themes

Different styles of musical themes on each floor, including classical, Chinese traditional, pop, disco music.

0319c hotel room

Our room in the hotel

0319d music museum

There is a little Music Museum in the hotel as well

0319e meal

Our typical meal at the festival

0319f faculty concert

Faculty Concert

0319g master class

Mr. Cho Liang Lin’s master class

0319h group photo

Picture with Ben Hong and Cho Liang Lin

0319i concert hall

The national concert hall in Taipei

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this camp for anyone who is interested in going to Asia or will be in Asia during the summer time. The age group is a bit younger; however, you can still learn a lot from the camp and meet a lot of awesome people. If any of you are interested, feel free to contact me for more information!

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