Casimir Ney (Louis-Casimir Escoffier)

Birth: 1801
Death: 1877


Where was he born?

Arras, Northern France

Where did he work as a professional musician?

Casimir Ney mostly played in string quartets, including the Quatour Alard-Chevillardand Société Alard et Franchomme.

He was known as a performer, and the small amount of records available indicate that he was a very prominent musician in the musical cultural scene of Paris in the nineteenth century

Notable compositions?

24 Préludes pour l’alto viola dans les 24 tons de la gamme, composés et dédiés aux artistes (24 Preludes in All Keys for Viola, Composed for and Dedicated to Artists), Op. 22 (published c.1849–1853)

These 24 “preludes” were the most difficult viola works ever published up to the time and considered by many to be nearly impossible to play

Interesting facts:

He was known by his pseudonym Casimir Ney or L. Casimir-Ney

Casimir Ney was an exceptional violist during this era, because he devoted most of his time to viola, whereas his contemporaries spent their time evenly between both violin and viola

Very little was known about Casimir Ney until his 1877 obituary resurfaced, and it is as follows:

“An artist who has held a most honorable place in the music world of Paris, Louis-Casimir Escoffier, known as Casimir Ney, died at Arras, February 3, in his seventy-sixth year. Casimir Ney was known for his remarkable talent on the viola; for many years he was a member of some of our best quartets, and even presented periodic chamber music concerts in his home, which were always excellent”

Sheet music




Prelude No. 1 in C Major


Prelude No. 20



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