Teaching in Brazil, Part 1: Porto Alegre and João Pessoa

As some of you may know, Susan Dubois and I travelled to teach in two cities in Brazil between October 6 and 14. We made a first stop in Porto Alegre, to teach and perform at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where we were hosted by Prof. Hella Frank. Hella arranged a wonderful three days of activities for us, including a recital on Tuesday evening, where we previewed the repertoire we are performing at the I Encontro Nacional de Violistas in a few days. We also had two very full days of teaching, with about 7 hours of master classes in all. In Porto Alegre we were joined by pianist Cristina Capparelli Gerling to play a joint recital. Despite the short amount of rehearsal time, it was a really joyous occasion, to perform in my hometown, for an enthusiastic audience. Many students I have worked with over the years came to see us, including a very special group of students from IPDAE, a wonderful outreach organization that serves over 200 students from under-privileged backgrounds. Two of the violists from their group travelled north with us to the congress as well. Here is a post-concert picture they requested:


On Thursday we travelled from the Southern end of Brazil to the Northeastern tip of the country. João Pessoa, the capital city of Paraíba State, is a booming city of one million, but is considered by Brazilians to be a “smaller”, more tranquil state capital, given that so many cities here are so large. A neat geographical feature of this city is that it is the eastern-most point in South America!



This area is known for stunning beaches, but this week it is simply teeming with violists coming from all over Brazil, the US, and neighboring Latin American countries. We know the beach is there because we walked to it the first evening we arrived, but we have been solidly viola-ing for every waking hour since!

Proof of beach:

IMG_2491 IMG_2485IMG_2497

Proof of teaching 😉 !!



I will share the remainder of this week’s adventures in a couple more posts over this weekend.

Warm wishes,




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