Welcome back, and welcome to “From the Studio” 2016!

Dear Readers,

UNT’s Viola Studio has been teeming with activity since the beginning of the year. We’ve taken a winter recess to update some features of the blog, and are excited that you can now subscribe to “From the Studio” and receive the blog in your email account directly, every time we publish a new post. Thanks to Allan Lee for helping me incorporate this feature into the blog! Look to your right– the subscription box is right there…add your email, confirm, and voilà…viola happiness should flow into your inbox!

New Year’s brings change and new beginnings. As of January, we have said goodbye to two important members of our viola community, who have moved on to new positions and cities, so I will start this semester by sharing their contributions and wishing them well in all their new endeavors. We begin with DMA student Rui Li, who has moved to join her husband in Houston for the year. And we’ll continue with Andrew Justice, who recently left UNT to begin an exciting new post as Head of the Music Library at the University of Southern California.

UNT is big and keeps us busy, busy, busy…in the last two weekends alone we have heard auditions from dozens of new string applicants, (including several wonderful violists from all over the world!) We’ll soon catch you up to the concerts that have taken place…(next week we will reach concert #600 for the school year already…!) ….and this week many students and faculty will leave excitedly to attend TMEA in San Antonio. There is never a dull moment (and hopefully never a dull viola sound…!!)

Happiest wishes as 2016 Spring semester flies by…. We hope you will continue to enjoy sharing in the life of our viola studio!

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